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8 - 26 March | Commodity Fetish & the Gods: Charlotte Haywood & Edward Horne

Charlotte Haywood & Edward Horne are artists based in northern NSW on Bundjalung Country. They work collaboratively and independently as interdisciplinary artists across installation, experimental architecture, theatre, film, sculpture, textiles and through inter-cultural collaborations, techniques and materials. Between them they have developed and enabled projects across 4 continents and collaborated with artists and communities in Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Vanuatu and remote Australia.  They have exhibited at The Australian Design Centre and participated in festivals as diverse as Biennale of Australian Art, Ballarat and Vrystaat Kunstefees in South Africa.

 At a time of environmental flux, Haywood & Horne’s COMMODITY FETISH & THE GODS questions our infatuation with the material. They explore currencies, cargo cult, animism, social media, phenomena, and fetish in the information age.

 Experimenting with such commodities as: copper, bamboo, shells, lingerie, silk, spices, rice, water and air as materials, COMMODITY FETISH & THE GODS, uses a combination of wall works and installation to link form with ephemera.  Haywood & Horne experiment with various interdisciplinary techniques from the alchemical verdigris processes of copper, Shou-sugi-ban, shell work, parquetry, digital imagery and tapestry weaving.

 …COMMODITY FETISH & THE GODS teeters between the long tourist lines exiting via the digital gift shop and the mountains of elemental extravagance and earthly provisions…

You can view Commodity Fetish & the Gods Catalogue Here

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28 March - 2 April | On the Edge of A Dream by Ellis Ericson and Andrew Kidman, featuring artwork by Barry McGee.

Join us for On the Edge of A Dream, a new film and book by Ellis Ericson and Andrew Kidman, featuring titling and artwork by Barry McGee. On the Edge of a Dream film nights will be a ticketed evening event with original artworks by Barry mcGee and Andrew Kidman on show from March 28 - April 2.

Chronicling the process of developing a new surfboard design alongside surfboard design pioneer George Greenough, the film is an intimate look into the shaping community in Australia and the quest to create the perfect board.

For the past five years, Ericson and Kidman - both of whom are shapers - have been working with Greenough on the modern evolution of his Edge Board design. The book and film charts their journey as they collaborate with Greenough to personalize their equipment with a design he has been working on since the late ‘60s. Shot in Australia on the North Coast of New South Wales, the film features the original venues of Lennox Head and Angourie where Greenough’s innovative Edge designs were tested in the early ‘70s.

Barry McGee is an artist from San Francisco that cut his teeth spray painting the town red with Twist graffiti. Barry grew up a surfer and has always respected the work of George Greenough. The exhibition On the Edge of A Dream contains all the sketches and final works that were produced by Barry McGee as the project unfolded.

On the Edge of A Dream Trailer

On the Edge of a Dream Website

Tickets available

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10 - 21 November | I listen to Dead People by BT and This is not a love song by Tory Bauer & Friends

I Listen to Dead People by Brian ‘BT’ Taranto

Music By Dead People. We love it, we cherish it and it’s all we have left. No one’s gonna tour from the grave, psychically at least. But you can get just that little bit closer with artworks in the new exhibition by BT from tour and festival promoters, Love Police. In an abstract, pop art(ish) celebration of all stars perished come take a journey through colourful memories of his musical heroes who are currently performing at the big gig in the sky. Join recent signing Tom Petty and Aretha Franklin, as they intertwine with greats like Elvis, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash and oh so much more.

Pastries and Conversation with BT and friends.

Pastries and Conversation with BT and friends.

This Is Not A Love Song by Tory Bauer

Inspired by backstage riders, the elegantly wasted, musical odyssey’s and royalty.  This Is Not A Love Song is a mash up derby of song lyrics and designer fashion labels. COME ON BABY LIGHT MY GUCCI.


Exhibitions open to the public Saturday 10 November

Official Opening
Thursday 15 November 6-8pm

Artist Conversation & Pastries
Friday 16 November 10am

Come as you are to this cross-cultural blow out of rock royalty, brown M&M’s, diet soda, K-Pop, and the elegantly wasted. Lee McConnell is the artist behind the Dune Rats album art and their Young Henry’s lager collab, the 2018 Splendour in the Grass launch video, Co-founder and art director of Grow Your Own Festival, former art director of Mambo, plus a bunch more.  Showing Opening Night only, Thursday 15 November. 

For the first time Byron School of Art is thrilled to be part of the Mullum Music Festival program. There will be live music performances in the space from Friday 16 November – Sunday 18 November

Friday 16 November
5:00pm-6:00pm Hannah Cameron
7:00pm-8:00pm Buddy
9:00pm-10:00pm Bethanie Jolly

Saturday 17 November
2:00pm-3:00pm Ramblin Ash
3:30pm-4:30pm Maple
5:00pm-6:00pm Brekky Boy
6:30pm-7:30pm Tin Can String Band

Sunday 18 November
1:00pm-2:00pm China Bowles
2:30pm-3:30pm Tin Can String Band
4:00pm-5:00pm Domini Forster
5:30pm-6:30pm Bethanie Jolly
7:00pm-8:00pm Cecelia Brandolini

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26 October - 7 November | Imprints by Allira Cornell, and Quetzal by Rhiannon Power. Remedies for the New Age by Lynden Stone showing in Pierre Chevalier's Trailer Project

Imprints by Allira Cornell showing in the BSA Project Space

Image courtesy Allira Cornell

Image courtesy Allira Cornell

Quetzal by Rhiannon Power showing on the Trinda Wall

Detail of image courtesy Rhiannon Power

Detail of image courtesy Rhiannon Power

Remedies for the New Age by Lynden Stone showing in Pierre Chevalier's Trailer Project 26-30 October. Lynden Stone acknowledges the assistance of a c.a.s.e. inc. grant to make new work for this exhibition.  Angelica Leight & Runceley Chaser will be appearing Friday night only, 26 October, 6-8pm.

Image courtesy Lynden Stone

Image courtesy Lynden Stone

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to Oct 24

12 - 24 October | Black Diamond Money group show curated by Michael Cusack and Worlds full of secrets by Sabine Pick

Black Diamond Money: Michael Bell, Dallas Bray, Michelle Brodie, Lottie Consalvo, James Drinkwater, Stephen Garrett, Chris Langlois, Claire Martin, Izabela Pluta, Niomi Sands, Lezlie Tilley, John Turier, and Cherie Winter.

Image courtesy Cherie Winter

Image courtesy Cherie Winter

Image courtesy Michael Bell

Image courtesy Michael Bell

Trinda Wall: Worlds full of secrets by Sabine Pick

Image courtesy Sabine Pick

Image courtesy Sabine Pick

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20 July - 1 August | An Invitation Not a Command curated by Christine Willcocks

An Invitation Not a Command is a group exhibition curated by Christine Willcocks and featuring the work of James Guppy, Michael Cusack, Meredith Crowe, Travis Paterson, Kat Shapiro Wood, Emma Walker, and Christine Willcocks.       

Fortunate , James Guppy 

Fortunate, James Guppy 

Buried Deep in my Hard Drive is a Folder of Photos of You , Travis Paterson 

Buried Deep in my Hard Drive is a Folder of Photos of You, Travis Paterson 

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8 - 20 June | Let Her Rip curated by Natalie Bull & Zoe Robinson-Kennedy

Let Her Rip, curated by Natalie Bull & Zoe Robinson-Kennedy, is a group shop featuring Natalie Baxter, Natalie Bull & Zoe Robinson-Kennedy, Karla Dickens, Corrie Furner, Abbey McCulloch, Raphaela Rosella, Kimberly Rowe, Tania Lou Smith and Amber Wallis. 

Natalie Baxter, Good Railing, fabric, polyfill and cotton batting, 2017.

Natalie Baxter, Good Railing, fabric, polyfill and cotton batting, 2017.

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to Feb 28

16 - 28 February 2018 | WAVE by Peter Burgess, Emma Coulter, Brent Hallard, Suzie Idiens, & Kyle Jenkins

Project Space: WAVE

An Artist Talk will be held on site Saturday 17 February, 11.30am - 12.30pm 

Emma Coulter

Emma Coulter

Kyle Jenkins 

Kyle Jenkins 

Suzie Idiens

Suzie Idiens

Brent Hallard 

Brent Hallard 

Peter Burgess

Peter Burgess

On the Wall - Suzie Idiens | Visual Discrepancies

Artists appear courtesy of Milani Gallery, Brisbane (Peter Burgess), THIS IS NO FANTASY + dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne (Emma Coulter), NKN Gallery, Melbourne (Kyle Jenkins)


The Trinda Wall: Bird by Jim Elliott



Pierre Chevalier's Trailer Project: Small floating objects by Kate Henson (16 - 20 Feb)

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30 November - 3 December | APOLLO - an off-site exhibition for ArtState
to Dec 3

30 November - 3 December | APOLLO - an off-site exhibition for ArtState


James Guppy
Alex Hudson
Travis Paterson
Melissa Poole
Zuzana Kovar & Nicholas Skepper
Christine Willcocks

Apollo is a group show from the Byron School of Art BSA Project Space.  It is a re-pairing of works and an assembly without the limits of the square: both documenting a number of past exhibitions and responding to the semi-submerged toy theatre where the exhibition is housed.

Downstairs Studio, 152 Keen Street, Lismore
Thursday 12pm - 3pm | Friday 10am - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm | Sunday 10am - 3pm

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