BSA Project Space Agreement Terms

Please read all the following information to familiarise yourself with our conditions of use.

For the purposes of this document, the terms ‘you’, ‘your’ ‘yours’ or ‘The Artist’ refers to the exhibiting artist or the person applying for an exhibition on behalf of another artist/artists e.g. a curator. The terms ‘we’ ‘our’ ‘Byron School of Art’ ‘BSA’ or ‘The BSA Project Space’ refers to the Byron School of Art.


The Project Space hire fee is $810 for a regular three-week period. A deposit of $200 is required once your exhibition has been confirmed. The remaining fee of $610 should be paid no less than six (6) weeks prior to the installation date.

The Opening Night & Window Signage Package is optional as artists are welcome to organise their own food and signage. This package is approximately $350* for the opening, including window decals that will be installed by the BSA Project Space Coordinator before opening night, as well as a paid Instagram/Facebook promotion, food and drink preparation and service. The payment for this package is due at least two weeks prior to opening night. (*Subject to pricing from our vendors)


A 33% commission (including GST) will be applied to all sales during the exhibition. Our payment system requires us to invoice the purchaser, who can then click a link for simple online payments. We also accept cash and credit card payments during opening night. We will provide someone to process sales for you on opening night and will continue to manage sales throughout the exhibition. Please ensure you provide your bank account details so that we are able to deposit any sales into your account once all sales have been finalised.

If an exhibiting artist is registered for GST they MUST notify us and provide their ABN BEFORE prices are confirmed for exhibition.

If an exhibiting artist has gallery representation, it is up to The Artist to negotiate commission with their gallery prior to exhibiting in the BSA Project Space.


The BSA Project Space is open Monday to Saturday from 10am – 2pm. If access to the Project Space is needed outside of those hours, it will need to be arranged prior with BSA staff.

Exhibiting artists or curators are expected to be in attendance for a minimum of six days during their exhibition (generally two days a week). If there is an instance that you are unable to staff the exhibition, BSA may be able to organise a volunteer to attend in your place but this is not guaranteed. Please note this is a different situation during BSA term holidays and will need to be discussed with BSA.


All material to promote an exhibition at the BSA Project Space must be produced by The Artist and acknowledge BSA using the BSA Project Space logo provided. Invitations should be approved by BSA before publishing. BSA will promote your opening event and exhibition via Instagram, Facebook, the BSA website and BSA mailing list, and images will also be sent to ArtMoney. High quality images supplied by the artist will be used for this promotion and also the email invitation.


Any alterations to the BSA Project Space required for installation or any event during your exhibition need to be discussed with the Project Space Coordinator beforehand. You are responsible for any non-BSA persons assisting with installation, documentation, performance etc. No disorderly or unlawful behaviour will be tolerated at any time and any damages must be paid for.


No item/s within the exhibition space can be removed or relocated without the permission of BSA. BSA provides installation equipment as well as tablecloths, ice-buckets, glasses, and trestle-tables for opening night. We have plinths of various sizes available.

Any other requirements must be hired from outside suppliers and operated and maintained in a safe and appropriate manner and are not the responsibility of BSA. All such items and services must be removed from BSA at the completion of your exhibition as specified in your Agreement Form.


BSA will not be responsible for any loss or damage to property or artworks belonging either to yourself or any person in the exhibition space at your invitation. BSA reserves the right to cancel the Agreement at any time for any breach of policy or procedure.


The venue and its environment, facilities, goods, equipment and services must be left in a clean, safe and proper condition, as at the commencement of hiring. All goods and equipment brought into the exhibition space must be removed in accordance with BSA. You are responsible for the disposal of all rubbish and any excess rubbish must be removed from the site. You are required to report any damages to the BSA Project Space and will be responsible for the repair of said damage. Any damages or cleaning costs incurred by the BSA as a result of your exhibition are payable on demand. Patching and repainting of walls will be done in conjunction with BSA staff.


Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot undertake your exhibition. This must be done at least four (4) weeks prior to your opening date. If the BSA is unable to find a suitable replacement a cancellation fee of 50% of the hire costs will be charged. You may not transfer, assign, sub-let or sub-hire your rights under the BSA Project Space Agreement unless agreed to in written consultation the BSA.


All freight costs associated with exhibitions are the responsibility of the exhibiting artist.

Freight costs for sending purchased works to buyers is the responsibility of the buyer.


Insurance is the responsibility of the exhibiting artist/s.


The BSA Directors and Project Space Coordinator reserve the right to final curatorial say for any exhibitions or events held in the BSA Project Space.