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5, 6 & 7 October | Microscope Drawing Laboratory for Kids ages 8 + and Microscope Drawing Laboratory Open House

Twice daily workshops 5th & 6th from 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm 

The BSA is excited to have Jacqui Smith and her Microscope Drawing Laboratory in our Mullumbimby studio this October.  This is a free school holiday art-science workshop to be held twice daily over two days, so you can book your child into one of these sessions and watch their imagination expand as they use microscopes to explore their world. 

Open House 7th from 10am-2pm 

Microscopic Drawing Laboratory Open House on October 7th is for the whole family, artists and wider community - all are welcome to drop in between 10am and 2pm to explore objects, images and the artworks produced during the workshops. Have a go at the activities and participate in the collaborative artworks!