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29 - 30 March | On the Edge of A Dream by Ellis Ericson and Andrew Kidman, featuring artwork by Barry McGee.

Join us for On the Edge of A Dream, a new film and book by Ellis Ericson and Andrew Kidman, featuring titling and artwork by Barry McGee. On the Edge of a Dream film nights will be a ticketed evening event with original artworks by Barry mcGee March 29 - 30.

Chronicling the process of developing a new surfboard design alongside surfboard design pioneer George Greenough, the film is an intimate look into the shaping community in Australia and the quest to create the perfect board.

For the past five years, Ericson and Kidman - both of whom are shapers - have been working with Greenough on the modern evolution of his Edge Board design. The book and film charts their journey as they collaborate with Greenough to personalize their equipment with a design he has been working on since the late ‘60s. Shot in Australia on the North Coast of New South Wales, the film features the original venues of Lennox Head and Angourie where Greenough’s innovative Edge designs were tested in the early ‘70s.

Barry McGee is an artist from San Francisco that cut his teeth spray painting the town red with Twist graffiti. Barry grew up a surfer and has always respected the work of George Greenough. The exhibition On the Edge of A Dream contains all the sketches and final works that were produced by Barry McGee as the project unfolded.

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