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Art Club


After School Art Club invites aspiring young artists to the BSA studios for creative sessions with art materials and techniques under the guidance of artist and qualified art teacher,  Jacqueline Smith.

Each week new ideas and processes will be introduced as students develop skills in a range of art forms such as drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and design.

Students will keep a visual diary and create a folio of artwork, being encouraged to explore their own interests and work independently, while also participating in structured whole-class activities.


Please note: Classes may be joined after the start date if you've missed the enrolment period for this term. Please contact us for details. 



For School Students aged 8 - 10

Art Club provides studio space for children to experiment with materials, learn new techniques and explore their interests through creative making. Students keep a Visual Diary and work both individually and collaboratively to produce a folio of artwork each term. They are introduced to art language and encouraged to discuss their own and others' work as they develop an understanding of art ideas and practice in different cultures.   MORE INFO

Dates | 9 Wednesdays, 3.45 - 5.30pm, 1 August - 26 September 2018

Course fee $270.00  I  Course Code ACWed        



For School Students aged 11 - 15

These creative afternoon sessions are an excellent opportunity for school students who wish to further their creative development through the Visual Arts. Art Club allows students the freedom to explore their own style and interests while investigating a wide variety of materials and techniques, producing a folio of artwork each term. These sessions offer a unique opportunity for young people to establish a strong foundation for future study in High School Visual Art.  MORE INFO

9 Thursday Afternoons,  4.30 - 6.15pm, 2 August - 27 September 2018

Course fee: $270.00  I   Course Code ACThu